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Fashion tells stories of cultures and heritage

Adress: Historiska museet, Narvavägen, Stockholm, Sweden
Show Stockholm International Fashion Fair aims to explore Cultures through fashion and bring forward creativity, self-expression, and ingenuity. In 2020 Edition, we will celebrate “Women's empowerment” and “Sustainable Fashion” by hosting designers from all over the world. This year's edition will be awesome, are you ready to travel the world?
From Europe: Sweden/Japan: Dinea design, Bulgaria: Provocative, Tregubova Art, Russia: Yulia Kosyak, France: Giuliaiem Quazaq, North Africa : Morocco: Taragalte and KEITANE, Algeria: Maison de couture Fouad, Egypt: Ghada Zaky Design Studio, to Asia: UAE and Pakistan: Victoria Road,Kazakhstan: Nurdos Jewelry, Kamila Zhapalova, Aidarkhan Kaliyev, Sabina Zhanzakova, Turkmenistan: Shekerakin Design,
and the Americas: USA: The Teresa Costa Collection, Brazil: W.ritzdorf let's discover cultures through fashion.
Saturday, 7 March 2020,14:00–17:00: Fashion show & Exhibition
Sunday, 8 March 2020, 11:00–17:00: Women's Day – Exhibition & Live Show (Ebru Art Show by Irina Jonsson)
To get your invitation to the fashion show (7th March) send us an email Imane Belmkaddem: info@stoiff.com or http://WWW.STOIFF.COM